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30" x 30"


"Built to Last" is a gorgeous square poster sized piece done by Moon Otter, it features Prisma Color pencil, airbrush, and a dab or two of liquid paper. This piece is bound to dazzle the most heart-felt of Dead Heads, as it was originally designed for the Grateful Dead 25th Anniversary Album. 

Built to Last was inspired of course by the song. It took to resembling a Bonnie and Clyde theme because he was eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich while working on the painting, and some of it dropped on the picture.  At first he thought the picture was ruined, but then the thought came to him to turn the spots into bullets holes and the Bonnie and Clyde skeletons. 


This piece is original and will not be editioned. 

Artwork comes as is, no frame included.  Frame seen in photos is digitally rendered to allow for representation of scale.

Built to Last - Grateful Dead 25th Anniversary Design

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